ZO.RRO promotes Innovation & Climate Protection in SMEs

Become a ZO.RRO practice partner!

Are you interested in technical innovations for the provision of CO2-free energy and would like to try out new features, developments and ideas? We are looking for proactive SMEs to test innovative solutions for the CO2-free energy supply of the future as part of the funded research project ZO.RRO - "Zero Carbon Cross Energy System“ !

Target Group - ZO.RRO wants you!

• Primarily small and medium-sized industrial companies nationwide
• Interest in measuring, reducing and reporting the CO2-Footprint of your company
• Interest in technical innovations that contribute to climate protection and can be used economically
• Willingness to try out new things and help shape innovation in a cost-neutral way

ZO.RRO Practice Partners and ZO.RRO Cluster

What you can expect in the ZO.RRO field test

Added values for ZO.RRO practice partners in the context of cost-neutral and risk-free participation can be found in this overview on the right. In case of a deeper participation with real implementation of CO2-reducing measures, there are many more.

Added values for Practice Partners

  • ZO.RRO Box

    • Digitalization of your energy consumption through installed ZO.RRO Box
    • continuous reporting the CO2-Footprint of your company
  • CO2-Monitoring Tool

    • Identification of largest CO2-cause through detailed visualization of CO2-consumption
  • Analysis of your Energy Profile

  • Marketing-Effect with ZO.RRO Label

  • Active Contribution to Practical Research

Non-binding registration until 30.06.2021

Field test begin in Fall 2022 with the installation of the ZO.RRO Box

Participation in the Project: minimum 1 year

Project duration: until end of 2024

  • Begin in Fall 2022 with Installation of the ZO.RRO Box
  • At least one year of field test participationuntil end of project 2024 with measurement, observation, analysis of energy consumption & CO2 emissions
  • Anonymous data processing, no unauthorized intervention in production processes
  • If there is interest, extension of field test participation to specific CO2-reducing measures until the end of 2024 is possible


  • Company contact person with access to energy meters
  • Agreement to at cost-neutral installation of the ZO.RRO box (size: approx. 175 mm wide, 40 mm high)
  • Provision of energy data for research purposes within the framework of ZO.RRO, taking into account specific data protection standards

If you are interested in a practice partnership, please feel free to contact us using the contact form below:

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