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ZO.RRO II state project

The ZO.RRO II state project, led by Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences and supported by its partner Thuringian Network for Renewable Energies (ThEEN Association), received the funding decision from the Thuringian Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Nature Conservation (TMUEN) for around 2 million euros on 23 May 2022 press release.

This enables us to develop and implement lighthouse projects in the form of demonstrators until the end of 2024 in cooperation with industrial practice partners.
The aim is to build on the analyses carried out in ZO.RRO I as quickly as possible and to carry out detailed measurements. The research work in the ZO.RRO II state project is currently starting using three tools (see graphic):

Our goal ist to reduce CO2-emissions, to secure the energy supply and to give evidence of the CO2-footprint of companies involved.

Energy Transition Calculator

In the energy project ZO.RRO (Zero Carbon Cross Energy System), Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences has developed a digital energy transition calculator that is unique at state level.

The result: an energy system model that can calculate transformation paths and scenarios for a climate-neutral energy supply. Using Thuringia as an example, it was shown how the goals of the Thuringian Climate Act can realistically be achieved using certain technologies.

The open source software can now also be used for other federal states, regions, municipalities, but also for energy suppliers and companies and support them with scientifically based scenarios to define further binding expansion targets and transformation paths.

In addition, this development was awarded with the Thuringian Digital and Open Source Prize 2022 on 25 June 2022 by the Thuringian Ministry of Economy, Science and Digital Society.

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Link to the Open-Source-Tool: doi.org/10.22032/dbt.50184

Digital Price 2022 received

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Project Funding

We thank the Freestate of Thuringia for proving us with project funding.

ZO.RRO Phase I (2019 - 2022)

The ZO.RRO I Project has ended on June 30th 2022. Please find all information about the first phase of the ZO.RRO project following the link below:

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>> ZO.RRO Final Conference May 23rd 2022

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