Team of the ZO.RRO II state project

The ZO.RRO II state project is under the direction of the Institute for Regenerative Energy Technology (in.RET) at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences. The project manager is Prof. Dr. Viktor Wesselak. The Thuringian Renewable Energy Network (ThEEN) e.V. is joint partner in the project, supervising the ZO.RRO communications office under the direction of Dipl.-Geogr. Jana Liebe.

We develop practical solutions for the decarbonisation of the energy supply in industrial SMEs.

ZO.RRO presents the future.

v.l.n.r.: Christoph Schmidt, Prof. Dr. Viktor Wesselak (HS Nordhausen), Christoph Frenkel, Jana Liebe, Maria Siegl (ThEEN)