Practice Partners

ZO.RRO practice partners are committed companies from Thuringia that actively address the issue of CO2 reduction and develop and test innovative solutions for the future of energy supply together with experts from the ZO.RRO team. ZO.RRO clusters are important partners in identifying and approaching suitable practice partners in the respective industries and networks of the Thuringian economy.

For reasons of confidentiality, we can only disclose our practice partners after the concept phase has been completed. Please contact us if you are interested to become a part of ZO.RRO and to present your logo here as well.

The ZO.RRO team would like to thank all participating clusters and companies for their willingness to support our research project and to work with us starting from Thuringia to derive a solution for implementing the decarbonization of the energy supply for entire Germany.

If you would like to become part of our initiative, please fill in our:
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