ZO.RRO - Zero Carbon Cross Energy System

Video: ZO.RRO II interview - climate neutrality by 2035

ZO.RRO II interview: New calculations of the energy system modeling Thuringia

The much-cited study "So geht's - How Thuringia becomes climate-neutral (...)" by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Viktor Wesselak, Professor of Regenerative Energy Technology at Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences, has been further developed. After the scientists showed transformation paths until 2050 in the ZO.RRO I project in November 2021, calculations were carried out in the continuation with the energy system modeling for climate neutrality in the Free State until 2035.

The researchers conclude that, purely mathematically, climate neutrality is also feasible and affordable more quickly, although the simulation tool does not take into account the time required for land-use designation processes, renewable energy plant permitting, and skilled labor availability.

The open-source tool, which is constantly being developed further, allows to implement costs and parameters of the technologies and energy sources used. The resulting optimal composition of the technology mix for a climate-neutral Thuringia is particularly relevant. Accordingly, the massive expansion of wind energy is crucial for the Free State to save costs. With increased use of photovoltaics to compensate for missing wind power plants, the transformation of the energy system becomes significantly more expensive. With its calculation scenarios, the study is intended to help objectify the debate on the expansion of renewable energies.

Based on recent research by the Institute for Regenerative Energy Technology (in.RET) Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences (German): "Fortschreibung des Thüringer Klimagesetzes Ergebnisse der Energiesystemmodellierung" (PDF)

Learn more about the Institute for Regenerative Energy Technology (in.RET): hs-nordhausen.de/forschung/inret

Overall, the three ZO.RRO-Tools serve to decarbonize the energy supply of industrial companies